Sunday, April 15, 2012

Making the Rocketeer Helmet- The Fin

Update on the Rocketeer helmet. That I started making here. and then continued here

I cut a piece of masonite out in the shape of the fin.  I didn't get it exact as you will see in the later photos.  But it isn't anything that I can't cover with Bondo.

I epoxied the fin onto the helmet.  It only touched in the front on on the back side top of the helm.

As you can see there is a gap in-between the fin and the helmet.

The back doesn't even touch at all.   But this can be fixed.

i forgot to take pictures of the bondo process. I smeared bondo into the crack and once it hardened I sanded it down smooth. Then I added a coat of paint to the new fin and all of the bondo areas.  I cracked the bottom of the helmet in two spots.  One was on the chin, and the other was on the right side.  I saw the one on the chin and fixed it. I only found the one on the right side when I painted it.  But that is where the decorative stuff goes so I am not too worried about it.

I am really excited about the way this is turning out.  For my first attempt at anything like this I am really pleased.  I am not quite sure yet how I am going to get the decorative stuff on the sides or the air vents on the top.  The pepakura file I had didn't have those pieces.  I guess I should have looked at that first.

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