Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Making the Rocketeer helmet Part 1

Ok yeah I jump around from project to project.  I get bored easily and if I don't see a lot of progress in the first little bit I pack it up for later.  I really need to focus on projects that I can get done in a few hours.  But instead I am going to try my hand at this pepakura helmet making stuff. (This project will probably take me a few months if I didn't have anything else to do. So don't be alarmed if I don't finish it right away.)

If you don't know about pepakura go here. In the gallery they have all kinds of stuff.  I started with a very simple rocketeer helmet.  By simple I mean it is only about 6-8 pages. That is not a lot considering a few of the Halo helmets have somewhere around 20-30 pages. Also most of the shapes are rather big, so that works for me. You use an exacto knife and cut out seemingly random shapes out of card stock. Then glue or tape them together.

This is what the helmet looks like halfway finished.  After that I painted it with a coat of fiberglass resin.  I had always been hesitant about working with fiberglass.  Mainly because I thought you always had to have the fibers and such.  That is not the case.  You can just mix up a batch of the resin with the hardener and paint it on something or pour it on, etc...

I mixed up some Rondo.  Which is a half and half mixture of Bondo and fiberglass resin.  I first mixed each with it's correct hardener according to the directions, then mixed the two together.  What I came up with was goop about the consistency of a thin milkshake.  I poured this inside the helmet and turned it this way and that to get the inside covered.  You may notice that they eyeholes are covered up.  I used some masking tape to keep the Rondo from spilling out of the eye holes.  I figured I would cut the holes out later.

I cut the eye holes out and mixed up some straight Bondo.  I smeared this all over the helmet and waited the thirty or so minutes for it to harden.  Then I sanded it down.  I didn't take a whole lot of pictures because I was so excited about doing this I forgot.

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  1. Do i have to use Bondo, or can i just use the fiberglass resin on, say, an Iron Man helmet to harden it?

    1. You don't have to use bondo, you can use fiberglass resin. I use bondo because it is thicker and I can build up the layers faster. Both are roughly the same to sand, (I think bondo is slightly softer though).