Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Monster Key

I have been wanting to make the Monster Key from my book The Monster Key.
In the book the key unlocks the portals that exist under every bed.
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  I have tried in the past to do this but I have met with dismal results.  This is really an attempt to make something by making a liquid rubber mold of the object first, then cast it in resin.  I have never really done this before so it will be a learning experience.  After this I hope to be able to finish and cast my rocketeer helmet.  But enough of that.  Back to the Monster Key

(I forgot to take pictures again)
Before this picture: I got a dowel rod that would just fit into my drill press.  It wasn't thick enough so I added bondo all around it.  Then once the bondo dried I put it in my drill press and used it like a lathe.  I sanded down the bondo to the shape I wanted.  There are small holes that were there from when the bondo was applied.  I might fix them later, we will see.

I added some oil based clay to the back end.  This is Hard clay.  I tried medium but it just wouldn't hold up.  

I formed the rough shape and started working with the clay tools to shape it better.

Mostly finished needs to be smoothed.

I added the other end and attempted to smooth the eye part.  So far It looks the part!  I am real pleased with the progress.  

The next step, get some rubber and find out how to make a mold.

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