Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sculpting Styrofoam: Making Horns

Ok so I was put in charge of making a sign to match this logo.

So I got some 2 inch styrofoam (polystyrene pink insulation) and cut out the shape of the horn.  Mine is slightly different from the logo but I think mine looks better. 

I sanded the edges with about 150 grit sandpaper until all of the rough edges were gone.

Then I sanded it again with 300 grit sandpaper and it came out really smooth.

I cut out a slightly curved piece to go between the horns.  I wanted this to look like it was leather so I gave it some texture with some elmer's glue and paper towels.   
Once that was done I painted it a light tan color. When that was dry I rubbed brown shoe polish over the entire thing.  This made the texture really stand out.
I gorilla glued the horns to the middle section.

I cut and made the background also out of the 2 inch foam.  I used a wire brush to make it look like wood.  Like in this tutorial.

I painted the horns white and then, dry brushed some grey onto the tips.  I painted the middle section's outside edges a darker brown and pushed some metal brads into the foam.
 (like the ones used for holding paper together)

Here it is installed on top of two carpet tubes* painted to look like wood.

More Wild West stuff to come.  Stay tuned.

*Carpet tubes can be found at places that sell carpet. 
 Most of the time they are happy to give them away.

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