Saturday, May 26, 2012

Some of the coral I made for a VBS


  1. Jeff,

    I love your creations. So artistic. I am going to try to recreate them for our VBS at Oak Grove Baptist Church in Colonial Beach, VA. I love the propeller. If you do not mind, can I ask a few questions? Did you just draw the propeller free hand? How about the first (airplane) picture under the post "Some of the coral I made for a VBS". Do you have a better picture of the front of that airplane? I am going to make the styrofoam airplane to put on the stage but I would like to make a light one to hang also. Think this one may work. I am actually heading to Home Depot to buy some styrofoam right now. :) Thanks for all your ideas! You are an inspiration.

    Can you please e-mail me at I use my Outlook for my Gmail account and can't remember my password to login to blogger. :( I'm sorry!!

    1. I did draw the propeller out free hand onto a roll of brown paper but I only did one side of it. I used a paint can to make the circle, then I measured out roughly 2 feet from it's center. Then I drew a sort of oval from the paint can circle to the 2 foot mark. I cut out the top of the circle, and the oval line I just drew. I left the other part of the paper uncut. I folded what I cut lengthwise and traced it. So when I unfolded it the bottom had the exact same shape as the top.
      I cut out the rest of it and traced it onto my styrofoam. Then I kept the center of the circle still and I spun the rest of the pattern around until it made the other wing/side.

      As far as the red plane with the yellow prop, I pretty much copied it from

      I did my nose a little different. I made it the same way I did the nose for the propeller. . on the drill press, Except I used the half inch stuff for the propeller, and the 2 inch stuff for the nose. I screwed the propeller into the yellow koozie and then glued the nose on. So the screw head is sandwiched between the red nose, and the front of the propeller.